One Heart Program

One Heart Program

One Heart Texas Mentoring Initiative

The One Heart Project is a national restorative justice initiative in which numerous organizations

are collaborating to positively and permanently impact the lives of disadvantaged youth, ages 13-19, who are caught in the juvenile justice system across America.

One Heart is partnering with nonprofits, community groups, sports teams, state and county juvenile justice authorities, corporate partners and faith-based organizations to carry out the mission to provide these youth with a true second chance.

The success of the One Heart Project is based on a proven and scalable model that focuses on a

holistic solution to provide youth with crucial skills and tools and a network of healthy relationships to equip them to navigate life successfully. Pilot programs have demonstrated significant attitudinal and behavioral change, reduced negative incidents, increased early release on good behavior, and a

profound decrease in recidivism rates.

While training begins inside a correctional facility, One Heart continues to serve youth post release with a number of aftercare services to assist the youth in transition back into the “free world.” Social and emotional intelligence training, mentoring, educational support, job training, life skills, financial literacy, counseling, legal assistance, medical/dental care, organizational skills, and employment opportunities, are all part of the collective impact delivery model. The One Heart Texas Mentoring Initiative (TMI) is deployed in collaboration with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department in 6 Texas counties: Dallas, Harris, Bexar, Tarrant, McLennan, and Grayson, as well as four state facilities. The initiative will impact not only juvenile offenders throughout the state of Texas, but will also serve as a model that will be scaled nationally.

The project combines individual mentor matches with proven social & emotional intelligence and life skills curricula, job training and employment, along with post release services and resources.Nationally recognized researchers at Baylor University will conduct rigorous research to measure the

results of the initiative and will publish a comprehensive report that will focus on the outcomes. Thus, the proven and documented outcomes holds the

potential to help policymakers in Texas and across the nation to rethink current approaches to gang activity, youth violence, and the manner in which we

can assist at-risk-youth to lead productive lives.