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About Us

The Juvenile Detention Center handles the processing of all juvenile offenders within Nueces County. Juveniles are brought into the facility by Law Enforcement personnel and processed into the system. Depending on the severity of the offense, juveniles may be detained pending a hearing by a judge, or released to a parent or guardian.

The juvenile detention center has a 24 bed capacity with overflow of up to 16 additional beds. We currently detain juvenile from ages 10-17 for all types of offenses or by contract from smaller counties and/or other law enforcement agencies.

Our organizations exists to help reduce the number of youth re-entering the Juvenile Justice System in Nueces County, to increase community awareness of youth problems in the county, and to enrich the lives of youth incarcerated and on probation by lowering the recidivism rate, and improving their ability to have a new start in life.



Rebecca Mohat


William Schmidt

Vice- President

Nancy Goodman


Alex Garcia

Member At-Large