About Us:

Our organization supports the Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center by providing programs, faith based mentoring services, hygiene items,  food and clothing,  and special events for incarcerated youth and youth on probation.


Our organization exists to help reduce the number of youth re-entering the juvenile justice system in Nueces County,  to increase community awareness of youth problems in the county, and to enrich the lives of incarcerated youth and youth on probation by lowering the recidivism rate and improving their ability to have a second chance at life.


To reduce the number of youth re-entering the Juvenile Justice System, increase community awareness,  and to enrich the lives of youth incarcerated and on probation.


Tattoo Removal Program

Our mission is to give at risk youth a second chance at life by removing those visible tattoos that hinder their success.

Tattoo Removal Program

There are youth who come through the justice system that have been affiliated with gangs, either voluntarily or forced.  Many youth have been sex trafficked and branded with their traffickers’ name.

No one should have to live with these visible reminders  the rest of their life.  Many employers will not hire someone who has visible tattoos. 

After successfully completing the requirements our organization has set forth, tattoo removal will be done at no charge by a certified tattoo removal technician.   

Our program will be located in a physician office under physician supervision.